Of all the people who should be ripping into Emily for this, you should be doing it the most. Your paper being 'removed' from Medium was one of the first shots fired in the war to defend the covid narrative.

You weren't lucky, you did the work.

I wasn't lucky, I went to the official covid sites that showed official covid data and saw that it undermined the official covid narrative. The Diamond Princess was a near-perfect laboratory for covid study. Antibody tests done in April 2020 showing the virus was already FAR more widespread than we knew (because the virus was HERE earlier than we knew!) -- all of this stuff was completely ignored and in some cases viciously attacked.

Emily doesn't get to declare covid amnesty. We do.

Edit: Added a link in my latest article linking to this one. Incredibly well done!

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Very well said. My children were impacted in the worst ways by the policies that Ms. Oster and her ilk pushed. HIgh school and college kids lost formative years and experiences they will NEVER GET BACK. The stress of always being one test away from missing 2 weeks of your life is unfathomable to adults, right? Because students were the ones who that affected the most. I just won’t be able to forget what was done to kids.

Further, my 87 year old father was sick with cancer in the hospital and his wife of 62 years wasn’t allowed in. Who does this? Who thinks this is ok? At least he got to go home and die in his own bed holding my mother’s hand and not alone in a hospital. I’m crying as I write this because I find Ms. Oster’s writing so offensive.

And to boot, my kids couldn’t make the trip to the funeral of their grandfather because of stupid travel restrictions put in place by that tyrant Sununu….or they would have to quarantine for 14 days. But their cousins in other states could make the trip to Florida no problem.

All of what went on during the last (almost) 3 years was worse for our family because we knew from the get go what was up. We looked at the data and saw who was at risk. We saw through the nonsense and just couldn’t believe people fell for it!

We had to get exemptions for work and school in order to not be forced with an injection we neither needed nor wanted.

The fact that I and my family (including my 16 year old at the time) could see through it, anyone could if they had their eyes open. The nonsense that people believed was incomprehensible. I still struggle to understand how people believed any of it.

Will I forgive? Yes. My faith says that I need to forgive. It will take time. BUT, I will not forget. I want people to admit to their failures and some to be held accountable for their crimes (Birx, Fauci, Collins, Biden…the list is long). Because anything short of accountability, and this happens again. And in the not too distant future either.

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Everything you said. Forgiving friends and family who have realized they were wrong, lied to, duped is one thing (I posted earlier that my 80 year old uncle in California was literally terrified because of what he heard -- while I think he would have known better, I understand why he reacted the way he did.) I don't hold grudges against people. But those in power? The media for not asking questions? The government for mandating vaccines and masks? Public health for lying to the public? Pharmaceutical companies and their cohorts in the CDC and FDA for falsifying data, manipulating people, gaslighting the public? And yes -- for Emily Oster who thought masks were wonderful and that employers should mandate vaccines, or anyone else with a platform to spread the pain and terror -- all of them, I can not forgive. And like you said, they didn't ask for forgiveness because they didn't think they did anything wrong.

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excellent article. I will add that Emily is actually terrified what will come for HER and HER family now the Rats are fleeing the ship. Additionally, her choice of words, "Gloating, Racking up points, Keeping a score card" is more what SHE and her COvidiot buddies did. Shes projecting! As an EX democrat who will vote RED this time for whichever candidate commits to Protecting speech and bodily autonomy. Im aware there really isn't a real election and this is not a Left/Right issue but at this point this is all I have that I can do. Aside from my constant preaching to people which Ive been doing since 2 of my 3 children were vaccine injured in the 80s and 90s. I NEVER FORGOT.

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AJ Kay - Thanks for writing on Substack. You are so thoughtful and brave, and that can only be expressed in "Long Form Journalism". Even new-Twitter with Elon is a silly forum. I hope to read you here, and happy to support $$$.

Keep going, please.

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Nov 1, 2022·edited Nov 1, 2022

I work for a hospital in a city and state with the harshest of vaccine mandates. The leadership was utterly ruthless in denying any exemptions and firing staff. We to this day have severe staffing shortages in virtually every department. This is undoubtedly multi factorial but I sense that the vax firings play a role.

I am sure that the political pressure to do this was immense, given the dependence of hospitals on the government for funding and the regulatory power of the state.

At the time this simply bothered me on a gut level. As time has passed, as all of the other “disinformation” had turned out to be true, it is clear that this was very wrong.

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It was clear from very early on in 2020 that kids were at almost no risk from Covid. So there should be no “amnesty” for the people who relentlessly worked to deny kids an education.

It was also clear early on that the vaccines did not prevent spread. So those who wanted to bully people into getting a vaccine they neither wanted nor needed are also culpable. There should be no amnesty for them either.

Unfortunately, some who purport to be in our side are all for amnesty here. With respect to the loathsome Leana Wen, for example.

It’s about justice. And also incentives. The people who wrecked the country with a deeply irrational response to Covid deserve a penalty. And if they do not get penalized sufficiently, they will do it again.

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This, 8 days before the round of elections that will be the best referendum on U.S. policies, is curious timing for the Atlantic to put up Oster's piece.

Why else have this talk about amnesty, even as so many of the policies are still around?

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She doesn't really want forgiveness. She just wants to be free of consequences from her and her cohorts' decisions and actions. It's entirely self-motivated.

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My Father In Law and Mother in Law were going to fly to visit us the week mask mandates on planes started. We collectively decided it wasn't a good time to fly, and they should come later.

They both died, in 2021 and early 2022. The stress of the mandates where they were living made them decide to move, and they had an accident while moving. We didn't get to see them before they passed. We still can't visit with my husband's family in the states due to the border restrictions.

My kids will never know their awesome grandparents. Words cannot express how sad I am over that loss.

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“… we need to learn from our mistakes and let them go.”

People don't learn from mistakes if there are no negative consequences. Also, the whole scamdemic looks like a premeditated crime of massive proportions, completely deliberate, not just dolts botching shit.

Hang 'em high! Every single traitor in charge of the creating the virus, suppressing alternate treatments, and the poisonous clotshots!

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Oster is the human equivalent of a phone voice menu. Press 1 to hear this week's BS. Press 2 to hear why ...

There is no debating them.

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Let's show the receipts in court--RICO and fraud actions. Maybe we can also generate some criminal cases.

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Hello! For reasons I don't completely understand, I have a semi-large following on here. I wrote an article on this topic today and one of my readers sent me your post. I think it was well done. If you would like to see the response I wrote to this (and use any of what I wrote etc) please do. I think this is a really important topic to educate people on.


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ACIP recently recommended these injections for the childhood vaccination schedule. Not only are they not admitting they were wrong, they are continuing to knowingly inflict more harm - on our children. They are willfully and knowingly inflicting harm on the least likely to suffer from the virus and the most vulnerable in our population - kids. Why? Because they want immunity from prosecution for vaccine injuries and, at a minimum, they don’t care a whit about our children’s health.

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Prescient article and completely correct. The final outcome was foreseeable from the beginning in 2020 once the authoritarian policies made themselves known. These people in government, science, academia, media need to be removed or step down to prevent the continuation of these policies into other areas like economics (money printing, inflation, CBDCs), international politics (pushing war with Russia and a proxy war no one wants) and environmental policies (blocking nuclear whilst pushing carbon and nitrogen targets with worthless renewable solutions). There is no time like the present for these people to be removed/step down/be voted out.

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